Sirena Fest and Mermaid Parade

Sirena Fest and Mermaid Parade

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Sirena Fest and Mermaid Parade in Salado on Oct 6, 2018!
The Legend of Sirena, a native Tonkawa who was doomed (or tricked) the day she met a magical catfish, is a story that is dear to the residents and tourists who come to Salado. Troy Kelley’s bronze sculpture of the Tonkawa mermaid and the catfish that tricked her are an icon and one of the most important landmarks in this Central Texas town. Jackie Mills, a local playwright, published the legend in a book, Sirena of Salado. She also incorporated it into the Legends of Salado play, performed every summer for over 25 years.

A new generation of Salado and Sirena enthusiasts are here to honor the Legend of Sirena and the creators of this local legacy by holding an annual Sirena Fest & Mermaid Parade. Tiffany Schreiner, along with several other local business owners have organized an event that will bring whimsy as well as educational elements to children of all ages on Oct. 6.

The Mermaid Parade will begin at 11am October 6th in Pace Park and proceed a half mile to the festival grounds beside Salado Creek, near where the famous bronze sculpture of Sirena resides. Sirena Fest will run 11:30am-5 p.m. and will include educational booths at merfolk themed arts extravaganza and live music.
Other highlights include, face painting, interactive arts activities, food and performers from the best of CenTX.
And of course, there will be real live mermaids and merfolk GALORE!
The goals of Sirena Fest & Mermaid Parade are to highlight the legacy of Sirena in Salado, educate children on creek habitat and conservation, delight children of all ages with the magic, whimsy, and artistry that the Village of Salado has to offer, and finally to raise money for a local non-profit each year.
For 2018, Sirena Fest has officially partnered with
(We are working on the link directly to Sirena Fest from VPK.)
All donations go to Variety TX-PKRC, Memo:Sirena Fest, SaladoTX. The primary project of focus is an All-abilities for Children playground.

This festival is aimed entirely at children and families, hoping to encourage children to think outside the box, dream wild imaginative dreams, and fulfill them.

In the words of local stonecarver Bob Ragan, “Imagination creates reality.
We believe in Mermaids and We certainly believe in Salado!

Sirena Fest 2018 Board-
Tiffany Schreiner Humphrey
Berta Berumen Davis
Elise Lange
Amber Preston Dankert
Brooke May

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