Mission / Vision

Mission / Vision

Honoring Salado’s Legacy
& The Legend of Sirena.
A letter from our founder.

“Texas & Mermaids are living proof that imagination, beauty and adventure go hand in hand!
#sirenaFest #imagineersunite ” – Tiffany Schreiner, founder of Sirena Fest.

SirenaFest origins & inspirations.

Our darling & resilient Village of Salado~

The creek, we believe, serves as a metaphor for the beauty and endless flow of creativity, courage, resiliency, and tenacity that is Salado.

The women of Bell County also embody this same spirit!
Martha Bowmer, author of ‘Bell County Revisited’ once wrote,
“There’s Gold in them thar gals!” And, sweet heavens, she was surely spot on!

Peaceable Kingdom founders and local heroes, my grandparents, instilled in me, from a very early age, values such as this mantra…
‘Bloom Where you are planted & to whom much is given, much is expected.’
Daurice & Jim Bowmer, MH & Charles Schreiner IV

Our Salado and Central Tx community is chalk full of imagination, grit and grace that arrives in a myriad of ways…. from Glassworks to Barrow, Sofi’s to the 1860’s shop, the Imagineer wranglers to our volunteers at youth & Salado Eagle sports events…. we are one and we are Salado.

Close your eyes- imagine our village without our creek…
Now… open your eyes and take a moment to ponder how lucky we are to live, grow, and thrive together in this luminous little vivacious village woven together by our love of the spirit of Salado.

Thanks to Salado’s, Jackie Mills, author of ‘The Legend of Sirena’ and Troy Kelley, Sirena’s famed sculptor. Without them, we might have never known such endless inspiration.

Become a Mermaid Ambassador!

Mermaid Ambassadors are at the helm of Salado’s best and a beckoned steward for our future. How will you heed this call?

HUGE Thanks to our current Merteam and volunteers and to our sponsors and our big time believers.

It is the undying and deeply rooted grit & grace of our community ‘s BELIEF in Salado that continues to tell the tale of prismatic beauty and creativity that is our Salado. I believe in Salado & I believe in Mermaids.

Thank you all for joining us on this journey as we celebrate the belief in the magic and marvelous WONDER that abounds here.

This year’s SirenaFest nonprofit is Variety Tx’s Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children. VPKRC embodies the best of SirenaFest’s inspirations and who we are as philanthropists, citizens, leaders, creators, protectors, stewards, and Mermaid Ambassadors of our Salado.
www.varietytexas.org/vpkrc. www.sirenafest.com

“Cast your dReams into the Creek in the night where Mermaids will collect them upon first light.”-T. Schreiner

Central Texas All-abilities playground park project news coming soon

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